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Sunset in Normandy

A charming hotel in Dieppe

so you can explore the whole town by foot

Chateau musee Dieppe

Dieppe's castle, built in the 15th century by Captain Desmarets to protect the town from the English, is a flint and sandstone structure perched atop the cliffs which boasts superb views of the seafront and town. Open to visitors year-round free of charge, it houses a museum that highlights the town's glorious maritime past and features paintings by Renoir, Pissaro and Braque, as well as an exception sculpted ivory collection.


Normandy's cathedral

The church, located by the sea on the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route, is built in several architectural styles due to the fact that construction started in the 13th century and was not completed until the 16th century.

Built on the ruins of a small chapel, it grew to the imposing scale of a cathedral. Its side chapels date from the 15th century.

Saint-Jacques Church

Estran Dieppe

If you want to learn everything there is to know about fishing, shipbuilding, cliffs, pebbled beaches, or marine biology... head for the Estran-Cité de la Mer maritime centre. In addition to a museum, an aquarium, and a scientific and technical education centre focused on maritime heritage, it also houses a jellyfish farm. In summer, it offers free guided tours of the coast. Estran-Cité de la Mer is open 365 days a year.

Estran Cité de la Mer

Church in Normandy

The chapel offers exceptional views of the Dieppe seafront and its surroundings in a profoundly peaceful setting. After enjoying the sea air on the cliff top by the chapel, step over the threshold of one of the town's most important historic monuments. Built in 1876, it was originally a pilgrimage site and was later dedicated to the memory of sailors lost at sea.

Notre-Dame de Bonsecours Chapel

Chateau musee Dieppe

The Square du Canada, located at the foot of the Western cliff and the castle, is marked by a stele commemorating Dieppe and Quebec's 350 years of shared history, from the 17th century, when colonists from Dieppe set sail for Quebec, to the 20th century and the raid of 19 August 1942. A town in New Brunswick, Canada has borne the name of Dieppe since 1952 and the two towns have been bound by a charter of friendship since 2000.

The 19 August 1942 Memorial museum, near the casino, pays homage to the mainly Canadian soldiers who served in the Operation Jubilee raid.

Square du Canada & 19 August 1942 Memorial

Historian Jules Michelet once wrote that "he who has not seen Dieppe has not seen Normandy." This port town, with its history of exploration and conquests, beckons you to discover its past glories and present beauty.